Medicare Part DMay GOD bless you and your family

Senior Care of Texas was founded in 1990 and has been serving seniors ever since. Through our educational workshops personal experience and knowledge of being in the field. We help assist seniors with a complete understanding of how insurance works instead of just selling a product. We treat all clients as though they were our own family members.

Senior Care of Texas was founded many years ago for one simple reason, in the world of insurance and investments many times individuals are sold products that does not fit their individual needs, but instead fit the sales person's financial needs. Many times we find that the individual assumes they know what they have later to find it is not what they thought it was. We take the time to explain how products work and why a particular product may or may not fit the clients needs.

Senior Care of Texas wanted to be different. We strive to find our clients products that fit their needs and their particular situation without concerns for financial compensations.

Senior Care of Texas and it's representatives allows God to manage everything that we do. Our belief is simple. If you give everything to God and pray about everything, God will always give the right answers for every situation. Our agents wil suggest the best products that are best for your situation. However if we feel a policy is not right for you then we will not allow you to purchase that policy, even if you really want that policy.


God manages everything within our company, from the products that we use to the insurance companies that we suggest for our clients.

Please allow God to manage your life and you will find that he will always give you the right answer no matter what.


Meet our management staff


Name From Position Years in the business
David Gosnell Copperas Cove, TX Founder 1988
Thomas Melcher Mansfield, TX Divisonal Manager 1984
Sheila Williams Copperas Cove, TX Divisional Manager 2003
Shannon Conley Copperas Cove, TX Divisonal Manager 2012
Lance Lipoufski Waco, TX Divisional Manager 1993
Terry Thompson Houston, TX Divisional Manager 2010
Darrell Cook Georgetown, TX Area Manager 1988
Deborah Hoffman Abilene, TX Area Manager 2000
Kim Gildersleeve Abilene, TX Area Manager 2009
Jered Sellers Lubbock, TX Area Manager 2015
Terah Kurz Copperas Cove, TX Area Manager 2015
Dawne Gosnell Copperas Cove, TX Office Manager 1988


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